1920’s Great Gatsby Picnic

Back in September I attended one of my (now) favorite vintage/costume events. It was a Great Gatsby inspired picnic, and yes, it was as decadent as you imagine. Put on every year by the GBACG or the Greater Bay Area Costuming Guild, It is an all out event where on lookers would imagine they had stepped back into the 1920’s.

Many people may seem surprised by the enthusiastic costuming community in the Bay Area, especially with its glamorous sister Hollywood just a few hours south. Not only is it enthusiastic, but its welcoming, inclusive, and damn do they look good.

I was excited to try this event out, but had no idea what to wear. I started sewing up a new dress for the event, but time limitations held me back (sorry dress, I’ll finish you one day) and thus the wardrobe rummage began.

I found this photo while searching the depths of pinterest for ideas, and it all came together. FullSizeRender


I ended up going with wide leg trousers, a linen shirt and low heeled T-straps.   It was easy enough but looked era appropriate while being comfortable, win win!




My hair and makeup were a little more difficult to sort out. When your hair is past your hips, faking a bob isn’t the easiest. I went with a finger wave updo that held surprisingly well throughout the heat of the day! (I wish I could say the same for my makeup however)

IMG_0789 2

Curious as to how I got the final look? Check out my Get ready With Me video here!