Medieval Fantasy

Hello everyone! Welcome back!

Today’s blog is a little different than my previous ones, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless!

Anyone who has met me knows that a large passion of mine is wardrobe and costuming. While it’s always been a hobby, it’s now becoming a much more prevalent focus in my work life as well as my day to day activities. And so I thought i’d start posting bits of that part of my life, on here as well!

Beginning with this dress!

This project was a last minute re-vamp of a much older dress that had been made during the Lord of the Rings craze. I had an event based on Medieval fantasy to go to, and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to take it out of the closet and spruce it up.


Originally it was a very simple mix of periwinkle and pale blue. Pretty, but nothing extraordinary.

I already knew I wanted to add more of a serious medieval flair, as the colors and material already gave it the mystical feel. So I went out to find trim to bring more elegance and intensity to the dress.

I opted for a deep blue and gold cording that would work for the neckline without it being over the top and gaudy.


I then paired it with a deep blue, periwinkle and gold ribbon trim that I used for the waist bit.



Deciding I wanted a little but more, I took both the cording and ribbon to create arm bands for the sleeves.

To do this I machine sewed the trim to a cotton duck fabric, to give it some strength. I then added the eyelets for ribbon on either side, to be able to make the bands adjustable. I then painstakingly (and yes, I mean PAINstakingly) hand sewed the cording to either side of the trim. I then cut away the excess duck fabric and stitched to the to top of the sleeves, so it wouldn’t move around much once on.


The end result came out just as I had hoped. Elegant and pretty with a hint of time period, without being over the top and flashy. The moment I put it on, I felt like I had stepped out of a fairytale.








And yes, It twirls wonderfully


I hope you all enjoyed this post! If so, stay tuned for future dress making and costume fun!

Until Next Time! Xx