Photoshoot in Milan!

This past December I was fortunate enough to style a fantastic shoot with photographer Edoardo Comirato,with whom I had worked on a previous project last year.  There is something particularly exciting about working with someone who immediately understands your image and ideas.  It not only allows for a smoothly running process, but you end up with images you can both be proud of. 

 Originally I had planned two looks, each with a very different feeling.  I knew I wanted one to be very dressed down with classic Sicilian ambience.  Thanks to our gorgeous model Lorenzo, we achieved this almost without the set and clothing.  The other look I thought of as “Boy George meets Chanel”, very elegant with an element of surprise, something unexpected and Olga was able to embody this perfectly. 

 So, I started pulling clothes that fit those two ideas, until I got a call saying the male model wouldn’t be able to join us until mid-day. So, I either had to push the entire shoot (which is very difficult to arrange once booked) or find a third outfit just for our female model so we could utilize the time and space until our guy arrived. 

 Luckily, I got an idea almost immediately for a look that felt classically American.  With denim, mussed hair,and an ‘I don’t care” attitude, I wanted the model to look like she stepped out of a Levi’s ad, but with my own take on it.  It was then that I stumbled upon the perfect set – a white graffiti number from FILLES A PAPA – and I was completely in love.  Trust me when I say I would NOT have given it back had it not been for the ridiculously small size (damn you, sample sizes).  That outfit was all I needed to complete my third, impromptu look.  Well, that and a great pair of combat boots. 

 So, when the day of the shoot arrived there was a really great vibe surrounding us.  Edoardo had brought some old vintage suitcases and crates that worked perfectly as staging and props for the looks.  Music was going, our amazing makeup artist had begun working her magic, all the clothes were steamed and ready to go. Once the first look was on, it was smooth sailing the rest of the day.  Here are some behind-the-scenes shots from the photoshoot!

 We came away with a lot of great images, but of course we couldn’t use every single one of them.  So, here are a few of my favorite shots from each look.  Enjoy!


Edoardo_C_Alessandra_Shooting (24 di 32)


A HUGE thanks to my amazing team that day! You all did an amazing job!

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Myself, Prexy Marotta, Olga Sviatets, Lorenzo Petraroli, Edoardo Comirato, Gaetano Giambusso.

For more fantastic work by Edoardo check out his stuff here.

Until Next Time! Xx