My Top Winter Beauty Must Haves!

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I hope that the winter blues haven’t gotten you all too down!  I don’t know about you, but I feel like the months of February and March are always really harsh, weather-wise.  Because of that my skin takes a real beating, especially since moving to London.  Never again will I complain about California winters.  Not only has going in and outside between the frigid outdoors and heated indoors wreaked havoc on my skin, but the wind, rain and smog hasn’t been great for it either.  I’m sure I’m not the only one too, so I’ve decided to share with you my winter beauty must haves!

First things first. Winter in London can dry out the oiliest of skin, as I’ve recently discovered. So, I’ve found it necessary to fight back with moisture that won’t break me out.  Here are the products that have been single-handedly getting me though the winter:

First is the Ahava Active Moist Gel Cream. It’s moisturizing enough that it tackles that winter flakiness but without feeling heavy and, most importantly, breaking you out.  It has a nice light scent, nothing overpowering, and absorbs into the skin almost immediately.  While it’s very moisturizing it does’t make my skin look overly dewy, so I can easily use it under makeup or by itself without fear that my face will look like an oil slick within the hour.

File Feb 07, 15 53 02

File Feb 07, 15 59 23

Second is the Avene moisture mask. It is a 10-15 minute face pack that you simply glob onto your face, go about your business or in my case, enjoy my evening meditation, then simply wipe away with a cotton round or tissue. Don’t wash it off, that would defeat the purpose. Just go to bed with it on, and wake up with nice, dewy skin. It is specifically for sensitive skin so theres no overpowering scent nor does it inflame or clog your skin. I use it in the summer as well if i’ve had a little too much sun during the day, it helps soothe the redness and tight skin overnight. Handy to keep nearby all year round.

File Feb 07, 16 15 03

This third product has been one of my HGs for almost five years now. The Erborian Sleeping BB mask. I found it in a tiny pharmacy in Switzerland, decided to try it on a whim and have never looked back since. You don’t have to use this only when your skin feels really dry. You can use this as a weekly sleep mask for really glowy, soft skin,  or whenever you feel like it.  It’s that good.  That being said, it does make a huge difference on dry,dehydrated, even acne prone skin.  It’s one of the few products that does everything it says it will, and more.  File Feb 07, 16 25 06

This next product is a type of multiple use treatment. It works for any kind of dry skin you may have – lips, face, hands, elbows, rough patches, and even eczema. Recently, Homeoplasmine has been circulating the internet as one of France’s biggest HG secrets, used by models and makeup artists alike.  Whether or not that’s true, I have been obsessed with this product.  Recommended to me by a friend when I couldn’t handle my peeling, cracking lips, I finally purchased this around Christmas. This first evening I put it on I was completely skeptical about how well it would actually work.  But, next morning I woke up with soft, moisturized and healed lips.

I know what you’re thinking – I’m exaggerating.  Trust me, I’m not.  My next test was on an eczema patch on my ankle. I went with the same process, put it on the night before and the next morning I didn’t have that annoying dry itching sensation I had been having all winter.  I love this stuff so much I keep in in my handbag in case my chin feels raw from scarves and wind, or if my nail beds and knuckles need a little extra help after being abused during outdoor photoshoots.  While I’m not sure how widely available this product is (it’s quite easy to purchase in Europe), I highly suggest grabbing one for yourself if you find it, because the magic is real.

File Feb 07, 16 37 22


And now, onto body care!

Winter can be just as hard on the rest of your skin as it is on your face. Lizard-like skin is never fun, unless you’re a lizard, in which case, how are you reading this blog??

My two-step process to beat dry, dull, winter skin is dry brushing and moisturizing.  I’ve been dry brushing every day for the past few years, and have noticed how much nicer my skin looks on a regular basis.  It helps wake me up in the morning and is a natural exfoliant.  What more could you want?  The brush I use is from the Body Shop and was somewhere around $10.

File Feb 07, 16 45 56

However, like many dry exfoliants, your skin may need some loving afterwards, especially in the winter.  So, I follow up with one of my favorite moisturizers this season, the L’occitane Miel Fondant body cream. Not only does this smell AH-MAZING but it’s ultra rich and moisturizing without feeling heavy and greasy, So I can get dressed right after putting this on without that weird sticky feeling you sometimes get with other creams.

File Feb 07, 16 52 33

File Feb 07, 16 56 18


My final product is probably the least “glamorous” – whatever that means.  But, is the most efficient hand cream I have ever used.  It is the Aveeno Skin Relief hand cream.  Let me say that I have never been so happy with a last minute Boots (UK drug store) purchase in my life.  Using this nightly has made such an improvement on my hands, much more than other higher brands that I’ve used in the past.  It has no scent, feels almost like a mix between a gel and a cream, plus it sinks into your skin right away so that you aren’t dropping stuff and leaving marks with slippery fingers.  It costs about 5 pounds and last you a good long while.  If your hands are suffering from dry chapped skin and you feel like nothing is working, I recommended checking this stuff out.  Your hands will thank me.

File Feb 07, 17 03 08

And that is it for my top winter must haves!

I hope you all enjoyed it!

For those of you struggling through the grey weather, just remember, only 40 days until spring!

Until next time! Xx