LCM Day 3: Sir Tom Baker and Lots of Selfies

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the third and final LCM post! I hope you all have been enjoying reading these as much as I have enjoyed sharing them. My third day of LCM was in fact a Monday. Which meant during the day I attended class like a regular student, but once 5 o’clock hit I rushed out to soak up my last night of Men’s Fashion Week.

My last show was one that I have to say, I was the most excited about. My girl Sarah- author of the blog “Buried Treasures”  got me a spot dressing at the Sir Tom Baker show.

File Jan 12, 16 14 41

I LOVE this designer. The epitome or rock and roll couture, he has created one of a kind suits for legends like Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin), John Cooper Clarke, Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols) and Roger Taylor (Queen). Everything he does is bespoke and one of a kind. Meeting him personally was incredible as he was so friendly, down to earth and down right cool. I couldn’t even have a moment to fangirl because he make everything so casual and chill while diving straight into work. The venue, unlike the rest, was in a small underground club called the 100 Club, which has a huge history within itself.


The space was cramped and dark, but everyone was having a lot of fun and was in great spirits. The music was rocking (literally) and second you felt the bass reverberate, you knew the show was going to be amazing. Here’s a few shots of Sarah and I backstage trying to take a selfie and getting photobombed by one of the male models.

The looks themselves were amazing. Every suit was beautifully crafted and no two looks alike. The accessories were equally as creative with fur and spikes creating fun textures that meshed well with the suits. One of my favorite parts was the makeup. Normally catwalk makeup, for both men and women, is meant to make the model look better, regardless of the look. In this case? They looked worse for wear. each of them sporting their own individual injuries, be it a black eye, a cut on a cheek, or split lip. All in all, it was very rock and roll.

File Jan 14, 23 48 41

While I haven’t been able to find the video of the show, here are some shots of the looks I dressed as well as some of my favorites from the night.

Look 1
Look 2
Look 3
Look 4
Here are some of my favorite looks from the collection

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All in all I can official say that I have a new found love and respect for mens fashion, no not because of the models..

Alright maybe a little because of the models..

But LCM has been an amazing experience and has swayed my opinion on Menswear for the better.

I CAN say that while It was all very exciting and dare I say, a little glamerous. I am glad it’s over and I can go back to real life (she says as she prepares for another magazine photoshoot)

Now only 35 days to prepare for the next London Fashion Week..

Until then, I leave with you  Fashion Week selfies!

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Sarah and I outside the show

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Until next time! Xx