LCM Day 2: James Long and KTZ

Hello all! I hope you enjoyed the first post on London Collections men’s Fashion week! I must say I’m still recovering from the craziness of everything (plus I had another photoshoot that, like always, was a lot of work)

In the last post I discussed the first show I was able to attend and here I’ll tell you all about the second one. Where the Cott Weiler show was really interesting, it was quite static and didn’t have all the buzz and excitement that a real catwalk produces. This second show however, made up for that.

In a style I can only describe as military disco, The James Long show was one of my favorites this season. It had lots of great color and texture that I felt has been missing for so long, not that theres anything wrong with all the nudes and black we’ve been seeing for the past couple seasons. It was simply a fun and unique collection that still felt very wearable. Here are just a few of the looks.

File Jan 14, 22 15 18

File Jan 14, 22 15 41

File Jan 14, 22 16 06

File Jan 14, 22 16 59

File Jan 14, 22 17 44

File Jan 14, 22 18 17

File Jan 14, 22 17 21

After being on the fun and glamorous side of attending the fashion show, it was time of for my second dressing gig. I was lucky enough to be asked back to dress for the KTZ show. Of course I jumped at the opportunity, as I love this brand! Plus, I was excited to see the difference between their menswear and womenswear. This show was much more stressful than the others. First off because I ended dressing four models. Three of which were originally mine and the fourth I helped out on a change. there were a lot of small details that had to be remembered and put together in a matter of minutes, which made it all tricker wit it being a tight space. There was yelling and tension but ultimately, everything got to where it needed to be and the show looked incredible.  Unfortunately cameras were not allowed backstage, so I wasn’t able to get much.  But here are the looks I dressed/assisted with plus a few backstage shots.





File Jan 14, 22 52 40
Sarah and I with one of our Models
Another plus was that we had Sting’s daughter Coco or Elliot Sumner as one of the models.

File Jan 14, 22 18 45
Heres a bad but sneaky shot of Elliot and the designers courtasy of one if my coworkers

Hope you all enjoyed day 2! The final post of the series will be up soon! If you like these posts, subscribe to get backstage access to the fashion industry and more!

Until Next Time! Xx