STRESS: 3 Tips to Deal!

Hello everyone! Today’s post is a little different from the fashion posts I normally write, but given the holiday season is coming, school exams are under way and I personally have just wrapped on some cool but hectic jobs, there is one thing that we will all inevitably deal with at one point or another.

And that thing is…


It’s no lie that the fashion industry is a highly stressful job. We are faced with crazy hours, more projects than we should be able to handle, and the constant need to get our names out there by creating something great.  But how is it that we do it all without suffering a mental breakdown? While I can’t speak for everyone, I’ve created a list of what works for me and how I go from day to day life handling stress and anxiety.

1. Breathing and meditation

Every night before I got to bed, no matter what time it is or how early I have to be up the next morning, I do a breathing routine. This not only helps relax your body and prepare it for sleep, but it’s a perfect way to release every negative thing that may have happened earlier that day. While you can do this yourself following the  4-7-8  breathing technique, I personally enjoy using the app Pacifica. This app has multiple options for both relaxing and meditation. I use the muscle relaxation technique before I go to bed, which combines breathing techniques with muscle relaxation.

When simple breathing doesn’t cut it, I turn to another App to ease my mind. This one is called Relax M. and it has a lot to work with. With a huge library of relaxing sound effects and music, you can pair each  with guided meditations of different kinds as well as utilize the use of both binaural beats and isochronic tones. These target not only stress/anxiety, but so many other issues that may effect day to day life.

       2. Exercise

Yes I’m sure that you’re tired of hearing how much exercise helps with stress. But it’s true! Even just 15 minutes of yoga can help relieve your daily stress levels and make you feel better. Whether you are a runner, cyclist, swimmer, pilates junkie, dancer etc. Take time for yourself. “But I have no time, that’s why I’m so stressed”!  A lot of people use this excuse to cut out exercise from their daily lifestyle. But if you think about it, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, even an hour isn’t a lot of time to take to get yourself moving. I personally try and get at least 15 minutes of yoga in every day and if i’m able to, hit a pilates or barre class once or twice a week.  Trust me when I say you’ll feel better afterward. Who doesn’t love a good endorphin rush anyways!

3. Warmth

This last one makes some of the most difference when I’m feeling super stressed over just about anything. The first thing I will do if I’m feeling stressed or upset about anything, is make (or buy) a cup of tea. Everything about tea is soothing to me. From holding the warm mug and breathing in the scent of the steam, to the calming sensation as you take that first sip sip. Tea is magic. Tea is life. The second is to take either a hot bath or shower. This not only helps soothe the body and relaxes your muscles but I double it as an aromatherapy spa moment. I’ll use a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil or the Clarins Tonic Bath & Shower Concentrate, depending on my mood. As I use either product I’ll close my eyes and take a couple of deep breaths. The combination of scent and warm steam will immediately help me relax.

And if none of this works? Well theres always wine, chocolate and a good cry.

I hope these tips help you, not only through the holiday season, but through rough spots in the future. Everyone needs a moment of peace, these are simply three ways to achieve it.

Until next time! Xx


(This post is not sponsored by any linked parties, these all genuinely help me through life and are shared with hopes it will do the same with you)