United We Stand: My First Menswear Shoot

Here it is! The long awaited second photoshoot. While we shot the spread back in October, I’ve learned that playing the waiting game to see a final product is the  norm in the fashion industry. But that’s ok, I had a lot to keep me busy. (hint *future posts*)

So for our second photo shoot  we had been given the theme “United We Stand” meaning while we all had different messages and looks in mind for our models, they should all look connected in some way. This came through in a bright, bold, photoshoot with a United Colors of Benetton feel.  Lots of movement and cropped profiles make up the spread, each of us receiving two final images.

My look, which was a nerd-chic look (oh yeah, it’s a real thing) came to life better than I had imagined. With a yellow roll neck, Farah trousers in maroon, and a crazy pvc printed shirt from Beyond Retro, the look had a lot of layers and different material. It was my first time doing anything regarding menswear. Buying the occasional shirt and tie for fathers day, it turns out, isn’t the same. And so, after weeks of scouring through mens clothing, sometimes with no idea what I was doing, I finally came up with a look I am ultimately very proud of. I had an amazing model and photographer, who worked together seamlessly. The experience made me appreciate menswear much more, and am looking forward to using it in the future.

Here are some behind the scenes shots, I hope you enjoy!

File Nov 29, 20 10 53File Nov 29, 20 08 42File Nov 29, 20 11 25

Until next time! Xx