One of the best parts of being a Fashion lover in London is that there is always something fun to do or see, everyday. There is something for everyone, and it never gets tiring. That being said, I’ve been taking advantage of all the city has to offer. Starting with  Louis Vuitton Series 3 exhibition!

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The other day I was finally able to visit the exhibition, after two failed attempts in the recent past.  This had been a much talked-about attraction, especially during fashion week, attracting many celebrities and tourists alike.  Similar to its predecessors (Series 1 and 2), Series 3 showcases both the history and the future of the brand and its designs. It uses multimedia creations to highlight the different sections of the exhibit, using everything from light and sound to video and images, and even live action events.

It is a fully immersive experience, led by highly knowledgeable guides keen on answering any and all questions, should you have any.

The exhibit itself is like a maze, overwhelming all your senses as you travel from room to room.   Each room holds a different theme and name, including:

  • The Artists’ Hands: a room displaying tables and benches on which you can watch videos of master craftsmen as they create individual LV pieces.

  • Infinite Show: A room where you can relive the season’s runway, over and over.

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  • A Tale of Craftsmanship: Here you can witness real LV craftsmen and women creating their famous designs, right before your eyes.

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  • The Accessory Gallery: This is exactly what it implies, a room housing some of the most renowned LV accessories dating back through history.

(Trunk for ladies, 1927)

  • And finally, The Walk-In Wardrobe: This can be most accurately described as a petting zoo for the fashionably inclined. Here you can walk among one-of-a-kind Louis Vuitton clothing designs, pick them up, touch the fabric, examine the stitching. It’s an experience you don’t get every day.

After this your visit is sadly at an end, but you can take time to have a drink and snack at the cafe or look around the shop for some souvenirs.

The Series 3 exhibition, while a highlight for many fashion enthusiasts, is by no means limited to the cognoscenti.  The history and knowledge discussed, as well as the artistic sights and sounds featured throughout would be entertaining for anyone to experience. The admission is free and comes with access to a guided tour, a poster and two limited sticker patches. All in all, a seemingly good deal.  While this particular event is limited time only, it will by no means be the last of its kind. For more information on the Exhibit and the world of Louis Vuitton, visit the link posted below. Have you visited the LV  Series 3 exhibit?  If so, please share a comment on how you enjoyed the experience!


Until Next Time!