My Experience at Fashion Week!

Fashion Week.

Those two words to anyone interested in fashion are the equivalent of the World Cup to soccer fans or the Academy Awards for film buffs. It’s a time when the best of the best in the industry come together from all over the world to celebrate one thing. Creativity.

This fall I was lucky enough to work backstage at a couple of fashion shows, allowing me to see behind the scenes of the glamorous world of fashion. However, I was also given the opportunity to see things from the other side as well. Our school hooked us up with a few tickets to see catwalk shows in person!

The two shows I got to attend were:

 Ashish SS16


 IMG_8346 IMG_8274

House of MEA SS16


















For a few hours we got to experience Fashion Week like that of our blogger and celebrity idols (minus the designer clothes and screaming paparazzi).

That being said, unless you have a VIP ticket and celeb status, going to fashion shows isn’t as glamorous a process as one might think. First off, even with a normal ticket, be prepared to stand in line, rain or shine ( in our case, rain) for a VERY long time.

Now this isn’t always a bad thing, especially if you’re all dressed up and want to try and land some pics on a blog. This is your moment to strike a pose and get your look out there.  We ended up on a blog, but unfortunately had no idea the photo was being taken! Haha

When you get the green light into the venue, It’s a rat race to find a seat/standing spot with the best view as possible. Let me tell you, claws come out. If only you were BFFS with a Kardashian, you’d totally snag those front row seats. But until that day comes, it’s time to bring out your ninja skills. Once you’ve landed your prime (as prime as you can get being five feet tall) spot, it’s time to play the waiting game, again. If you think fashion shows run on time, well, you’re wrong. Spend this time taking fabulous selfies with your squad. It’s what’s expected, and why not.

Then, at last! The lights dim and the show begins. Suddenly none of the past few hours of toil matter anymore. You lose yourself in the music, lights and of course the fashion. For fifteen minutes it’s all about this awesome, one of a kind experience. That’s right, you heard right!  Most fashion shows last only ten to fifteen minutes on average. I guess that’s how celebs make it to so many in one day!

Still, those fifteen minutes are worth it. You get to be a real life Fashion Girl, if just for a while. I was super grateful for the experience given and will definitely snatch up any chances in the future to attend more Fashion Week events. But until that time comes, you can find me backstage, doing the hands on work instead (running around like a stressed crazy person probably).

Here are a few shots from the week, hope you enjoy!

 Photo Sep 26, 09 42 37

While Fashion Week in London is over, There are still more cities to go and I for one will be busy staying as updated as possible with everything that happens. Until Fashion Week is entirely done and gone, there is still much to do for a fashion girl.

Until Next time! Xx