My First Job at Fashion Week


Hello Hello! London Fashion week is going full force and I feel so lucky to be a part of it! I’m currently writing this in between my tube stops as I head to the other side of the city for my next Dressing job. I wanted to share a little bit about what the past few days have been like!
Have you ever wonder what the backstage of a fashion show would be ike? I know I have. I can now safely say I know exactly what it’s like. Friday I was a dresser for the Paul Costelloe SS15/16 show. I knew it would be chaotic and challenging. But what I didn’t expect was to have so much fun with it all.
I had always assumed being backstage would be frightening imposing and super intimidating. And while it is definitely intimidating at first( it was my first time dressing after all!) the atmosphere was that of chaotic excitement. Everyone had a job to do, and as long as you were doing it, everything ran smoothly. Of course there are always hiccups when it comes to things like this (ours may or may not have been an entire zipper rip for a finale piece) but everyone on the team, Paul included, was so open and friendly even under all the pressure of the show.

here I am with the LCS team

My model was an absolute riot. Very laid back and funny (she pulled a Lord of the Rings reference out of nowhere at one point). She even tried to sneak her Polaroid camera in one of the bags she had for one of her looks so she could take a selfie with Paul. She of course got caught, but everyone laughed it off. ( She still got her selfie in the end

Photo Sep 18, 16 23 08

The collection itself was beautiful! Very feminine with a 60’s futuristic concept to it. The material alternated from beautiful brocade in pastel shades to neoprene in vibrant orange and fuschia. As someone who’s grown up dreaming of clothes like these, it felt like such a privilege to be handling the collection and seeing it all up close.

Here are a few shots from the Set Up

Photo Sep 18, 15 27 48Photo Sep 18, 15 23 21Overall It was a chaotic and hectic experience, but it was also extremely rewarding. And we even came away with a really great goody bag! (isn’t that what fashion week is really about? lol) I’m looking forward to having more opportunities to do this soon! Below are pictures of three of the four looks I dressed. For more from the catwalk check out, who have all the updated photos of every show. 



Until next time! Xx