#FashFest with Cosmo UK!


Hello Everyone! This week has been a whirlwind so far! However, I wanted to post a quick update about what I was up to the other night. Between preparing for my first photoshoot (which I’ll let you know all about soon!) and having landed a few jobs for fashion week, I was able to attend Cosmo UK’s #FashFest event! It was a chance to mingle with people both in the fashion industry out. Which, as students, was a great chance to get our business cards circling and our contacts books filled. We then listened on as four of the top women in the UK styling industry talked us through the development of their careers as well as answered some pressing questions about the creation of ours. With an excuse to dress up, have a few drinks, and schmooze with Cosmo employees, the night was festive, educational and very chic!

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Photo Sep 15, 18 45 51

Photo Sep 16, 23 52 36

These sort of events pop up all over the city when Fashion Week arrives, many of which have differently priced ticket packages available to the public. If you are interested in wanting to be a part of Fashion Week I highly suggest looking up public events, both free and paying. It is a great way to get first hand knowledge from those in the industry, but also a reason to pamper yourself and feel like a VIP for a little while.  And who wouldn’t enjoy that? 

Until next time!