Dive Into Vampy Lips! This Season’s Makeup Trend!

Hey everyone! are you all enjoying October? I know I am. Autumn colors, layers, pumpkin everything and of course, dark lips. I am not ashamed to admit to myself that I am a Lipstick addict. I have more than I need and always want more. While I tend to forgo lippies during the summer I use colder months as an opportunity to reintroduce them back into my everyday life and what better way than with this falls latest trend? Dark vampy lips. So today I’ll be sharing with you my top favorite dark lipsticks all of which range from prices both high end and drugstore.

Like all lipsticks you should look for one that compliments your skin tone, these won’t work for everyone. However a lot of these, in my opinion, look good with a multitude of different skin colors. That being said, let’s get going!

MAC has consistently created some of my favorite lipsticks by far. Formula, color, longevity, scent, they are my go to brand for anything lipstick.

(from Right to Left: Dark Side, Hang-Up, Rebel, Diva)

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Dark side is one of my most recent purchases and a color I’ve been using almost religiously since then. A MAC amplified lipstick this color is extremely rich and vibrantIt is a deep burgundy color with a hint of blue based red that works with both warm and cool skin tones.

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Hang-Up is a cremesheen that is a gorgeous deep berry color. It’s perfect for anyone looking for that staple dark purple lipstick for their collection. While not as intense as the prior color it can be applied to achieve a dark look with a a second application. An extremely versatile color and is great for any occasion.

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Rebel might be one of my favorite lipsticks of all time. Not only has it been my go to berry color all year round (what can I say, i’m a rebel when it comes to seasonal color stereotypes) but it is the perfect purple berry color for this Fall. This pretty satin color feels amazing on and lasts for a good while before needing another application, like most MAC lipsticks. This color is simply a must buy for everyone looking to expand their lippie collection.

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Diva is the only true Matte lipstick on this list. Not because I have anything against matte lipsticks, they may be one of my favorite looks! However, in most countries autumn is a time when the air gets colder and heating goes on. That means that things start to get a whole lot drier. With this in mind, matte lipsticks are by no means moisturizing and can show no mercy on chapped and dried out lips. Now this can be remedied by cures such as chapstick, lip primer and exfoliating scrubs, but matte isn’t going to be for everyone. Now I love this color, regardless of it’s texture. It creates a great dark red vampy lip that lasts a long time with or without lip pencil. It is great for evening events or anyone who loves to have that retro velvety lip at all times.

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Now Mac lipsticks are relatively pricey at $15.00 a piece and more for their limited and holiday colors. Not everyone is willing to spend that much and that’s understandable, makeup should be what feels fun and right for each person. Price should not hinder style!

Below I have a list of my favorite drugstore lipsticks that are perfect for autumn fashion. These are easy on the wallet but don’t take away from the quality or formula.

                                                                           (from right to left: Bordeaux by Rimmel, Black Cherry, ColorStay Bachstage, Red Velvet and Sugar Plum by Revlon)

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The first three are by far my favorite dark drugstore finds. They are Bordeaux, Black Cherry and Red Velvet all of which inspire dark seductive lips.

Bordeaux by Rimmel is a a long lasting finish lipstick in gorgeous dark wine color. The formula is not too drying, but I like it best with a primer underneath. The disclaimer says this product stays for 8+ hours and while i’m not sure about that, I do know it lasts and fades evenly into a lip stain. Ranging from $4.99-$6.00 depending on retailer this lipstick is a great a product for the price.

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Black Cherry by Revlon is something of a cult favorite for beauty lovers. It’s deep almost black color in the tube is almost intimidating but once on transfers as a beautiful deep red, bordering on oxblood. This color has been one of the most popular colors this season. Seen all over the fashion scene it is one of the most go to colors. The lipstick itself has been around far before this season but is fitting in quite nicely. The formula is thinner than the other lipsticks and favors a matching lipliner, but once on, it’s striking color and moisturizing quality will be the main event of any fall fashion getup. This color is ranged around $6.99-$8.99 depending on retailer.

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When Revlon came out with their Lip Butters my heart skipped a beat. These quickly became some of my favorite lip products on the planet, I was completely smitten. I loved that there was so much color payoff with the ability to nourish and retain moisture. Their release of the color Red Velvet simply made things that much better. This rich color is everything one could as for from a moisturizing lip balm/stick product. The color itself is much more sheer than the others and requires more layering, but once on it feels nice and looks very pretty with most skin tones.  This product ranges from $5.99-$7.99.

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Some of you might be sitting there thinking “No way, I can not pull of the vampy look”. Well that’s where you’re wrong! Yes going from nude colors and light pinks to shades like Black Cherry and Dark Side may be a bit of a shock, but there are ways to ease into this popular trend. Why not start with something sheer? or a step lighter than these colors showed? Here are two great options to start your way into this seasons trend.

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(Right to Left: Revlon Sugar Plum, Backstage)

Revlon’s Lip butter in Sugar plum is a great, that’s right you guessed it, plum color. it’s prefect for this seasons trend and it’s sheerness allows those not accustomed to dark colors to feel comfortable about the subtle shift. It’s a great first step for anyone wanting to brave into the Dark lip look.

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Feeling brave but not too brave? How about trying something a little more daring? Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede in Backstage is a great compromise for someone who wants to head down the rabbit hole without losing their head but still wants to be a bit daring with their look. This lipstick is a great burgundy red that is on a the sheer side but with pretty good color payoff. It allows the wearer to enjoy the feeling of not having a heavy lipstick on, which is always nice. With this lipstick you can layer it in order to build the color, or just leave it as is. Price range for this item is around $8.99-$9.99.

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These lip colors are all great for Fall and Winter looks. They just scream dark vampy badass. Pair them with light neutral eyes for day or a smokey look at night to channel your inner queen of the night. Slapping these colors on will give you a boost of confidence and keep you up with this seasons fashion trends like a pro. What are your favorite Dark Lipsticks for this season and what would you pair them with? Also, do you like this gothic trend? let me know you’re feelings on the subject!

Until next time!

(this was posted on my original blog in October 2013 before being moved to this site)